• Cheap Bluetooth connection device

    Cheap Bluetooth connection device




    Many of us use a GPS on our bikes. Several systems exist alowing to follow its instructions through a wireless "Bluetooth" connection.

    Some allow you to connect when the phone receives a call, to communicate with the passenger ("Cardo Scala Rider G4" or "SRC-System Schuberth"type) but are quite expensive.

     Seeking a more basic solution, I had to find a system that is both:

    - Practical (without wire connection between the GPS and helmet)

    - Inexpensive (less than 40 £  if you add the  headphones).

    so I started looking for a Bluetooth device compatible with my TomTom 930 and I found my happiness on Ebay for $ 23.78 USD including postage:

    the Jabra BT320s. This is a BT "tie" receptor  on which you can connect a wired headset (with the advantage of being  compatible with the headphones  SoEasyRider presented below)

    This BT receptor was not intended to be connected to a GPS but it is compatible with TomTom GO series 520/720/920/630/730/930/740/940

    Attention, it is not compatible with GO 750/950. You will not be able to select " Hi-Fi Bluetooth" in the speaker preference menu unlike the x30 or x 40 for example, so they seem difficult to syncronise with Bluetooth.




    To this Bluetooth receptor, I advise you to add a pair of headsets available from SoEasyRider (22 £ )

    These Jabra headsets connect to a standard jack. They slip and attach to the helmet by velcro : so simple!




    a) Charging the receiver Jabra


    Make sure you initially charge the Jabra. Charging by using a mini usb on one side of the device, for this:

    - Connect your  Jabra device

    - Press (1 s) on the central button, the light is luminous red while charging.

    - Charging is done once the light turned green continuously. Then if you remove the mini usb cord, the light turns flashing green (charged but not connected to GPS)



     b) Establish the connection Tomtom - Jabra

    Turn your Tomtom and select the menu "change preferences" then "preferences of speaker."

    Note: Do not go through the menu "Bluetooth preference", the Jabra would then be searched for as a phone, which is not its function!

    Select "Bluetooth peripheral Hi-Fi".

    Press continuously (5 s) the central button on the Jabra BT320 until a steady blue color appears, the unit is now in pairing mode.

    Then launch the GPS-pairing Jabra clicking "OK" on the  Tomtom screen.

    The Tomtom  is searching  the BT receptor for a few seconds ....

    .... and detects the Jabra!

    Tomtom will ask for the password of the peripheral Hi-Fi, then enter the code "0000", you will also be proposed a test during which Jabra is in active mode when the light flashes (automatically) in purple.

    What is left for you is  to select a small itinerary on your GPS, set the two earphones in the helmet,  attach the Jabra on your "Born to Be Wild" T-shirt, and enjoy the sweet voice of your guide.


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    Mercredi 29 Juin 2016 à 17:30

    merci pour cette info mon ami

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